Mac Wang is a graphic designer based in Shanghai [CN], via New York [NY] and Providence [RI]
Curatorial Statement
From hieroglyphs written on papyrus to cat memes on your feed, the intuitive scroll, both literally and metaphorically, links the past and present of our graphic design practice. Similarly cyclical and moving ever forward, the annual RISD Graphic Design Senior Show, Endless Scroll, presents the works, sketches, ideas, and most importantly, characters of the class of 2019.

Endless Scroll is the crescendo towards the final chapter of our RISD experience. We want to acknowledge and take ownership of the multiplicity and complexity within our class, through a maximized display of books, posters, specimens, identities, interfaces and so much more.

RISD GD’s class of 2019 is made up of designers who have walked very different paths and this exhibition is the materialization of our time here. We have read, we have written, we have created beautiful vectors and pixels, and we have typeset a great deal of text.

Our focus on typography and the written word helped us to develop the concept for organizing the show based on word count. In doing so, we aim to reveal the ways in which graphic design operates within a continuum of image and text. We are here to celebrate our varied approaches to graphic design and the continuous coincidences that have brought us here together.

Written by Ja Yoon Lee, Mac Wang, Raina Wellman, and Tiger Dingsun